Hevea fund project. DR. Congo

All my team was involved in a Luxembourg Fund project, aimed to transform thousands of redundant Hevea trees (rubber trees) into biomass, and transform plantations to an intensive bamboo production. It meant 5 millions tons to be transformed into pellets and briquettes, from 6 different sites, which meant 5000 hectares in West DR. Congo. We designed a  five years forestry job, for 8 years Fund life. Expected IRR 20% per year.

It was necessary we prepare a brochure to help in the fundraising process. We did an interesting appraisal regarding workforce, infrastructures, and social impact in a Country which hold the world’s penultimate position about human development.

Fund intention was to divide project into two different funds, one for rubber biomass, and the another one for bamboo plantations.

Some trees were timber so we see this possibility in our projections.

I have to say it was a very hard assignment, especially because the challenges that come up in a broken country immersed in a civil  war for long time, however, we found some time to play Karate with kids.


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