About AG & Services

As an independent expert, I help Forestry Funds, REIT’s, Pension Funds & Private investors, managing their forestry investments worldwide, with special focus in LATAM and Africa. We can take care on behalf you:

  • Prepare your expansion to new countries, especially South America & Africa,
  • Due diligence of Agricultural & Forestry projects,
  • Land assessment,
  • Find & negotiate suitable land for your projects,
  • Assessment of forestry projects
  • Buying tree plantations, and Forestry companies,
  • Port & logging infrastructure assessment,
  • Issuing an independent opinion on the portfolio of a Forestry fund,
  • Biomass potential evaluation,
  • Design, budgeting, and financials of Agro-Forestry projects (Teak, Hardwood, Biomass production, Cocoa, etc.)
  • Hire (and manage) your local team in Africa & South America,
  • Set-up all kind of forestry initiatives,
  • Prepare projects going public


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  • Forestry company due diligence. Assessment and global due diligence of leader forestry company in Ghana & Gabon, including balance sheets & assets value. Companies own circa 500.000 hectares.
  • Forestry company assessment. Appraisal, analysis, and negotiation to buy 80.000 hectares in North Argentina and Bolivia
  • Factory assessment: evaluation of feasibility of projected pellet factory in Spain
  • Leadership IPO of Ecolumber:  Management of the Ecolumber’s IPO in the Barcelona Stock Market. http://www.ecolumb.net/
  • Green Bond: Boost of the first Carbon Credit project in Patagonia.
  • Agro greenfield projects: Design, financials, and setting up certified organic walnut production in Patagonia.
  • Project Design: Design, budgeting, and financial calculations of a Cocoa project in Cameroon (10.000ha.).
  • Forestry greenfield projects: design, budgeting, financials & set up managing  of tree plantations in Spain, Uruguay, Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, DR. Congo, which includes hardwood plantation, Fruit trees, Bamboo, Tropical wood, …)
  • Hevea Fund RD Congo:  Appraisal, analysis, and design of biomass development project of 750,000 tons/year in the DR. Congo.
  • Bamboo-Colombia:  Design & financials of biomass production project in Colombia through a 5.000 hectares bamboo plantation basis.
  • Angola-Biomass:  Design project for processing and utilization of biomass crops in Angola.
  • MEFAM: Scientific research. Selection and improvement of different varieties of wood species, mainly hardwood trees, to improve their timber production. The project has been conducted in collaboration with IRTA and funding by Ministry of Science of Spain.
  • SEJAMA: Scientific research.  A project aimed at the selection of varieties of Jatropha and subsequent acclimatization to continental climates. The project was conducted in collaboration with IRTA and funding by Ministry of Science of Spain.
  • Expanding to Argentina:  Expand activities of Ecolumber in Argentina, including setting a subsidiary, land acquisition, negotiation of absorption of a local company, Delaware’s holding, and legal representation.
  • Forestry assessment: due diligence of a logging project in Suriname,
  • Biomass: exporting biomass worldwide (www.biomassglobalmanagement.com)
  • Plant production: set up and management of an in vitro lab, besides plant nurseries in extreme conditions.