The biggest clone bank

Setting up the world biggest clone bank for a single hardwood species. 12 hectares  in Spain, with imported selected material. It was 1997 and it helped around to improve significantly handling of the high value wood plantations, involving scientific research institutes, Ministry of Science of Spain, and stakeholders. This clone bank was the first worldwide to introduce dendrometric monitoring process in real time in a tree plantation.

algerri   dendo

Research allowed us to describe water stress of plants in real time, as you can see below, combining results with soil moisture content, and weather data, to manage irrigation system.

Combined data from dendrometric (tree’s water stress), soil & weather
Young hardwood tree plantation. Partial view


Working to select straight & tallest trees to get veneer logs
7 meters logs free from branches to get high value plantations


8 years old black walnut plantation. Selected clone


8 years old Walnut plantation
Working for excellent tree shape, to increase value of plantations through a bigger high quality timber yield

Early focused in Forestry Investments

Since 1995 working on Agro & Forestry projects. Here below it’s me (left side) at Purdue University (Indiana. USA), looking for selected hardwood trees for high value plantations. It was mid nineties, and I was 24 years old.

Purdue University. West Lafayette. Indina. US